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Linux Server Administration Training

Contact us for details or if you need a custom or on-site class.

Course Summary

The hands-on Linux Server Administration class covers the fundamentals of Linux server administration, including: configuring system services, installing software from source, basic network configurations and network services, and more.

This class is for users of Linux, Unix or BSD operating systems to provide beginning system administration skills for Linux-based servers. Some similarities and differences for many administration tasks under Linux and BSD operating systems will be discussed.

This class is designed for students who are new to Linux server administration. Some Unix, BSD, or Linux command line experience is needed. Please consider registering for the Unix Shell Essentials course to be held before this training, if you need a refresher or quick training introducing the Unix environment and common Unix utilities. (Please contact us if needing introductory or refresher Unix shell training.)

Course Topics

  • system startup configurations (inittab, init.d scripts)
  • standard system configurations
  • basic filesystem creation and maintenance
  • networking setup and troubleshooting
  • user and group administration
  • logs, syslog and log rotations
  • inetd/xinetd
  • SSH tunneling and SSH keys
  • installing software from source
  • introduction to package management
  • system clock
  • scheduling tasks with cron
  • hard disk layout and partitioning
  • boot manager configuration
  • shared libraries
  • mounting and unmounting of filesystems
  • kernel loadable modules management
  • finding and using documentation and support
  • basic DNS caching server
  • SSH service

Course Features

  • Detailed course curriculum and hand-outs.
  • Small classes with one-on-one interaction.
  • Hands-on training, one system per student.
  • Certificate of course completion.


10-percent discount for early paid registration. Group rates also available.

Also register for another class (such as Unix Shell Essentials) at the same time and save an additional 5-percent.


Class sizes are kept small, so seating is limited. Please email or call us to pre-register.

For more information and to register for this class, contact us today.

Course Details and Policies

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