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Puget Sound Technology provides professionally managed internet hosting services, including website hosting, DNS hosting, email and webmail hosting, and more. Our staff has been hosting DNS, mail and websites for over seven years.

If you do your own hosting, please consider our company for hosting mirrors or for maintenance contracts, remote administration, or tech support.

Contact us to discuss your custom hosting needs.

$75 per month plan

  • pre-paid three months at a time
  • hosting up to five websites
  • daily backups
  • up to 100 email accounts (and setup of new email accounts as needed)
  • web-based email
  • IMAP and/or POP3 mail service
  • anti-spam filtering
  • DNS hosting service for up to five domain names
  • HTTPS for secure SSL websites (certificate not included)
  • mirroring to backup server on different network (for emergency recovery or redundant website hosting)
  • website access analysis reports

$50 per year DNS hosting

  • managed DNS hosting for a single DNS domain (zone)
  • daily backups of DNS configurations and zones
  • provides two nameservers at different locations and different networks
  • running BIND on NetBSD and Debian Linux

To sign up, contact us today.

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