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About Puget Sound Technology

For over seven years, Puget Sound Technology has helped organizations save money by using open source and free software. We specialize in BSD and Linux. In addition, we offer a variety of Unix and network services.

We are based in Washington state (U.S.), but we can provide services throughout the world. Most of our customers are remote. We also have consultants in Fort Worth, Texas too.

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We provide consulting services for planning, designing and implementing open source, BSD and Linux solutions. Puget Sound Technology offers engineering services for porting software and operating systems and development services. And we provide consulting services for multi-platform networks.

Technical Support and Remote Administration

We provide professional services for technical operations, administration and maintenance. (We do IT technical support.) We provide outsourcing solutions for Unix and network security, Unix administration, DNS/mail/website hosting, and more. Puget Sound Technology offers support services for installations and preventative updates; email, web, DNS and telephone DNS support; and maintenance and administration contracts.

Puget Sound Technology offers a variety of packaged and customized commercial support plans, including pre-paid, pay-as-you-go, hourly, incident-based, retainers, and monthly and yearly contracts.


Puget Sound Technology teaches training courses for Unix and network administration. We offer classroom and also on-location training and workshops covering a variety of Linux, BSD and open source topics, including "using office applications", "administering DNS", and more. Over the past four years, our trainers have taught over 26 lectures and workshops and over 19 hands-on classes.

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We provide a wide range of website hosting and DNS, mail, webmail and related hosting services. We provide a real live person to manage your hosting accounts. We can setup redundant mirrors for load balancing and/or for high availability. Our staff has been providing professional hosting services for over seven years. Puget Sound Technology's consultants are experts in ISP administration and technical support.

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