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Unix Shell Essentials

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Course Summary

This is a two day "crash course". The goal is to be a refresher for students with previous Unix environment and command line experience or as a quick introduction for students new to Unix.

This high-paced, hands-on class covers the most commonly used terminology and skills needed for getting started and recognizing the Unix platform. Of course, Unix can not be taught in two days; nevertheless this class will help students recognize how the Unix system is layed out, where important files are located, know how to use the basic syntax of the most essential Unix tools, and, most importantly, the students will learn how to easily and quickly solve problems. The class will introduce fundamental skills that all Unix users should know.


  • logging in and out at the console and remotely
  • format of command line
  • identification of system users
  • miscellaneous utilities and output
  • layout of Unix file system
  • file system navigation
  • pathnames and directories
  • common file manipulation commands
  • basic file management
  • file permissions
  • owner and group attributes
  • editing files with vi
  • shell variables
  • shell quoting
  • special meta characters
  • command history
  • command line completion
  • custom startup files
  • input and output redirection
  • elementary filter commands
  • text processing filters
  • pipelines
  • multitasking, processes, jobs
  • monitoring and killing (signaling) processes
  • regular expressions (advanced pattern matching)
  • and a lot more ...

Course Features

  • Complimentary Live CD.
  • Detailed course curriculum and hand-outs.
  • Small class with one-on-one interaction.
  • Hands-on training, one system per student.
  • Certificate of course completion.


10-percent discount for extra early paid registration. Group rates also available.

Also register for another class at the same time and save an additional 5-percent.


Class sizes are kept small, so seating is limited. Please email or call us to pre-register.

For more information and to register for this class, contact us today.

Course Details and Policies

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