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pkgsrc Services

We provide a variety of different technical support, administration, and consulting services for "pkgsrc" (and for systems using pkgsrc). We can also provide training specifically covering pkgsrc. We have a pkgsrc committer (developer) on staff.

pkgsrc is a portable package building system for Linux, NetBSD, Darwin, Mac OS X, Irix, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, BSD/OS, DragonFly, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, OSF1, UnixWare, Interix and other operating systems for managing over 5000 software suites. It provides: 1) a categorized collection of specifications that help automate fetching source, verifying checksums, patching, configuring, building, installing and packaging software suites; 2) package installation and maintenance tools (like pkg_add, pkg_info, pkg_delete and others). Visit http://www.pkgsrc.org/ for information.

Some of this professional work includes:
  • pkgsrc installations
  • Packaging applications (and porting Unix software to pkgsrc)
  • pkgsrc software updates and upgrades (including pkgsrc security patches)
  • Scheduled maintenance services
  • pkgsrc system administration
  • Phone, on-site, and email tech support for pkgsrc

If we can't provide technical expertise ourselves for certain developing or issues, we can help find a consultant to assist.

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