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Binary Updates for NetBSD/i386 1.5.3

Note that usually the application or library version is not changed. Also be sure to restart daemons or running software as applicable.

  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-openssl-20020803
     OpenSSL Security Advisory [30 July 2002]
     remotely exploitable buffer overruns in OpenSSL (includes ANS1 fix)
  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-SA2002-010-pppd
     NetBSD Security Advisory 2002-010
     exploitable race condition in pppd
  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-SA2002-011-libc
     NetBSD Security Advisory 2002-011
     possible remote root exploit with RPC services (XDR decoder buffer overflow)
  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-SA2002-012-setlocale
     NetBSD Security Advisory 2002-012
     buffer overrun in setlocale -- local root exploit via xterm
  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-SA2002-014-mbone-pppd
     NetBSD Security Advisory 2002-014
     possible local root compromise -- fd_set overrun in mbone tools and pppd
  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-kernel-20020905
     NetBSD Security Advisory 2002-017 and SA2002-013
     Unexpected memory consumption and behaviour, and remote denial of service (NFS)
  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-rogue-20021002
     Rogue games issue (28/Sep/2002)
     users can edit games scores and bypass quotas via rogue overflow
  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-smrsh-20021001
     Sendmail smrsh bypass vulnerabilities (01/Oct/2002)
     bypass smrsh restrictions and run other non-approved commands
  • binary-update.NetBSD-1.5.3-i386-libkvm-20020917
     libkvm close-on-exec issue (2002-09-16)
     local users may be able to read kernel memory via libkvm applications

If you are using this old release, please consider upgrading to latest official release with security updates. If you need this 1-5 branch, let us know.

We provide technical services for upgrading systems.

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