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FreeBSD Services

We provide a variety of different technical support, administration, and consulting services for the FreeBSD operating system. We teach FreeBSD system administration classes and teach customized training covering FreeBSD.

Some of this professional work includes:

  • FreeBSD installations
  • Packaging applications (porting software to FreeBSD)
  • System updates and upgrades ("buildworld")
  • Linux-to-FreeBSD migrations
  • BSD/OS-to-FreeBSD migrations
  • FreeBSD to NetBSD (or OpenBSD or Linux) migrations
  • Scheduled maintenance services
  • FreeBSD system administration
  • Apache, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, Sendmail and other software upgrades, configuration and maintenance
  • Security audits and lock downs
  • Kernel configurations and recompiles
  • Phone, on-site, and email tech support for FreeBSD

If we can't provide technical expertise ourselves for certain developing or issues, we can help find a consultant to assist.

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