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Help us choose a new name!

We have used the name Puget Sound Technology for over seven years. We are considering changing our company name to better reflect our work and location.

Our company's focus stays the same: We help organizations save money by using open source and free software. We specialize in BSD and Linux. In addition, we offer a variety of Unix and network services.

Our consultants are no longer just based in the Puget Sound area or Washington state. Ever since its inception, most of the company's customers were outside of Washington or even the United States. In addition, many of our most successful open enrollment training courses are held outside of Washington state. And many of our custom trainings have been held in various states.

Please help us choose a new name for our company that that identifies with open source and/or Unix, is not location specific, and has a domain name available (even for an acronym).

Please send your suggestions to info@pugetsoundtechnology.com or call us at +1-360-658-5676. Thanks!

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